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Who We Help

  • Surgeons: We help you manage the healthcare industry's escalating financial and professional burdens and find a healthy work-life balance.
  • Business Owners: We take the confusion out of planning for the future of your business. We handle everything from growth plans to exit strategies, so you can focus on building your business. 

How We Help

  • Experience our elegant and tested Wealth Management Process to guide you along your unique financial journey.  Underneath the surface our Wealth Management Formula and our Advanced Planning Team are systematically working to help you achieve what's important to you.

  • Our Wealth Management Process:
    • Discovery Meeting
    • Investment Plan Meeting
    • Mutual Commitment Meeting
    • 45-Day Follow-Up Meeting
    • Regular Progress Meeting

  • Our Wealth Management (WM) Formula:
    • WM = IC + AP + RM
      • IC = Investment Consulting.  This involves the management of your various investment elements.
      • AP = Advanced Planning.  Your Team of specialists.
        • AP = WE + WT + WP +CG
          • WE = Wealth Enhancement.  Tax mitigation and cash-flow planning.
          • WT = Wealth Transfer.  Care for heirs effectively.
          • WP = Wealth Protection.  Legal structures and risk mitigation.
          • CG = Charitable Giving.  Maximize your impact.
      • RM = Relationship Management.  Communication and coordination with you and your Team of specialists.
        • RM = CRM + PNRM
          • CRM = Client Relationship Management.
          • PNRM = Professional Network Relationship Management.


Stocks & Bonds

Mutual Funds

Exchange Traded Funds

Roth & Traditional IRAs


403(b) & 401(k)

Savings, CDs, & Brokerage

Treasury Bills, Notes, & Bonds

Annuities - Fixed/Variable

Private Equity & Hedge Funds

Real Estate

Financial Planning

Income Plans

Retirement Plans

Investment Plans

403(b) & 401(k) Planning

Education Plans

Social Security

Estate Plans

Tax Plans

Risk Management

Disability Income Analysis

Long-Term-Care Needs

Life Insurance Audit

Policy Research

Insurance Company Reviews

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