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Jon Arntz, CFP

Jon coaches a select group of surgeons who desire to elevate their wealth management and relieve the mounting stress in the healthcare industry.

Jon’s journey to working with surgeons started in 1991, when he left his career as a metallurgist and joined his father, Doug, in his retirement planning business. Jon worked extensively with Beaumont Hospital, building strong relationships within the medical community and gaining intimate knowledge of their specific issues. Jon’s desire to further help his clients led him to earn his CFP® and become an independent advisor.

Over the years, Jon’s family has had several life changing encounters with surgeons, and he made the decision to focus on giving back to the surgical community.  To help him in this pursuit, Jon’s son, Jonathan, has joined the team.

Apart from work, Jon enjoys spending time with family and can often be found watching nature videos with a grandchild or two, playing weekly tennis with his family, or going on a run with his sons. Above all, he is a Christian, and aims to reflect God’s love in business and in everyday life.